Message of the Chairman, KILT








Karnataka State is known for pioneering many activities in the Industry Sector. It has played an important key role in the development of Leather Industries. As a pre requisite in Leather Processing, a Tannery Production Centre, first of its kind in the entire South India, was started with an innovative idea by none other than, Bharat Ratna Sir. M. Visvesvaraya, who established, Mysore Chrome Tanning Industry (MCTI) way back in the year 1940.

Thereafter, the Karnataka Institute of Leather Technology  (KILT), is an offshoot, engaged in knowledge building, skill & entrepreneurship development, imparting training to semi skilled & skilled artisans and catering to the needs of the Industries. Thus, KILT as an Institute, uniquely diversified its activities, with clarity for more social commitment in terms of service and imparting knowledge.
Karnataka State Govt. is encouraging and contributing to the growth of the Leather Sector Industries on a continuous basis. In the endeavor, to have better forward and backward linkages, in terms of manpower for increased production towards positive growth of GDP, the Govt. is supporting KILT and likewise has allotted 10 acres of prime land close to the city limits, by creating best infrastructure facilities in the country and augmenting the demand among the aspiring youngsters. The Institute is being promoted by the State as a Premier Advanced Leather Institute by keeping all the requirements to the level of International Standards and imparting the quality education at a very reasonable cost. The highlights of the KILT, in the present Global Scenario is that, it has not only started Leather related Fashion Technology, a course approved by Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), but also establishing Testing and R&D Centers benefiting both Academic &  Commercial activities.  On the whole, but not the least to say, that Leather based Fashion Technology is a unique course being the first of its kind in the country. Students enrolling to this unique course will have a bright assured future. Wishing All Success.
The Institution is headed by a Senior Officer from the Industries Dept. as Director. Presently Sri.Sunil Kumar is the Director who is having a distinctive education career holding a degree in Engineering and in association with IISc. He is very experienced in the Industry sector and his pro-activeness has reformed KILT. .

Message of the Director, KILT

Consequent to the development of KILT, as a State Premier Advanced Institution in Leather Technology, a unique course on Leather Fashion Technology has been developed, which is first of its kind in the country. In fact, the CLRI, Chennai, being the Authority in Leather Sector, has appreciated this uniqueness of the course. In fact this new course has been designed after having serious discussions with Leather Exporters and experts, where in under these circumstances, they have expressed, that Leather Industries will be able to get highly skilled man power to the changes in the market trends support both Domestic Export Market.Now, we have an MOU with CLRI to assist KILT on a continuous basis in setting up the institute in terms of technology and designing the course structure of leather and fashion technology.The KILT is establishing a Testing Centre for the benefit of Leather Exporters for the very reason that these exporters currently mainly depend upon Testing Centre located at Chennai and also with local private Testing Centers who are charging exorbitantly. So establishing such a Testing Centre in the premises of KILT will help the students and the revenue generated would benefit the institute in maintaining high standards. The establishment of Testing Centre involves Chemical Testing as well as Physical Testing of International Standard and the total cost of the project is Rs.25 Crores and the entire assistance is from the state govt. & GOI under ASIDE program.Our Testing Centre will be issuing Testing Certificates to the manufacturers, on the basis of affiliations with Globally Recognized Organizations located at Germany, Switzerland, Franceand US viz.